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Philosophy Anti-Natalism

‘Philosophy’ has never been Wisdom. Chapter 32: Benatar’s Anti-Natalism.

I have always had a distant image of philosopher David Benatar as having a lot to contend with in a difficult place at a difficult time.  The idea of his that I examine here was one I chanced upon.  It is the idea that human life is so miserable, that it is immoral to bring people into it in the first place! It has received the title of Anti-Natalism. It…

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Anti-Philosophy History of Philosophy

‘Philosophy’ has never been Wisdom, 2: The Pre-Socratics.

THE BEGINNINGS OF REASON IN ANCIENT GREECE This may be a popular version but here it is: Reason, I have read, was synonymous in ancient Greece with Logic, with Argument, with Thought, and with Philosophy, and that these haven’t always been with us!  This seems to mean that Reason hasn’t always been amongst Man’s mental accomplishments.  The Classicists tell us that it was the pre-Socratic philosophers who started it for…

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