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Morality Locke Proof of God Anti-Philosophy

‘Philosophy’ has neve been Wisdom: Locke 3, on God and Morality

Locke on God:  Locke was an empriricist who believed that all of our knowledge comes ultimately from our senses, see my earlier post.  So, he believed that we construct our idea of God from our sensory experiences of this world.  Or, more precisely, from experiences of one’s own human existence: its duration, its knowledge, its power, its wisdom, and other admirablee qualities.  And from our ‘reflections’, our thinking, on these qualities. …

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‘PHILOSOPHY’ HAS NEVER BEEN WISDOM. chapter 8. Locke 1, Empiricism

JUST SEE IF ANY OF THIS PRELIMINARY IN RED LETTERS CONTAINS  ANYTHING TO GO INTO THE BLOG BELOW From www.philosophybasics.  A quick History of Philosophy john Locke. He argued that all our ideas, whether simple or complex, are ultimately derived from experience, so that our knowledge is limited in its scope and in its certainty (a kind of modified Skepticism), — the real inner natures of things derive from their primary qualities which we can never experience. All Knowledge Begins with…

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‘Philosophy’ has never been Wisdom: Chapter :Locke 2, Politics

The first time I came across Locke I was amazed at his neat liberal moralizings like little Jack Horne. But that may be an anachronistic feeling of mine, formed as I am by the taken-for-granted liberal society around me.  The USA’s Founding Fathers were influenced by John Locke’s concepts that mankind was endowed by nature with inalienable rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that man…