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‘Philosophy’ has never been Wisdom. Chapter 29. Bernard Williams 2: Self-hood, Cogito, Freedom of the Will

Self-hood or Personal Identity. (What I have written here is the same as in my post on Identity, here.; and represents my understanding of BW from here.)    BW  logicked his way through the question of whether Self-hood or Personal Identity belongs to one’s body or one’s mind.  It seems he was speculating on what ordinary people’s intuitions on this matter are, rather than offering a theory of his own. …

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Anti-Philosophy Socrates

‘Philosophy’ has never been Wisdom. Chapter 3: Socrates

(Firstly: the ‘Socratic Problem’ arises from the fact that Socrates never wrote anything down.  All we have is what Plato wrote as having been said by him.  So we don’t really know what of it was Plato’s own thinking or that of Socrates.) I was amazed by Socrates the first time I came across him, sitting in the empty market-place before breakfast with people gathered round him, and drawing them…

Anti-Philosophy History of Philosophy

‘Philosophy’ has never been Wisdom, 2: The Pre-Socratics.

THE BEGINNINGS OF REASON IN ANCIENT GREECE This may be a popular version but here it is: Reason, I have read, was synonymous in ancient Greece with Logic, with Argument, with Thought, and with Philosophy, and that these haven’t always been with us!  This seems to mean that Reason hasn’t always been amongst Man’s mental accomplishments.  The Classicists tell us that it was the pre-Socratic philosophers who started it for…

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