Bertrand Russell Logicism Anti-Philosophy

‘Philosophy’ has always been bunk, 14: Bertrand Russell 2: boiling maths down to logic

(See the first two paragraphs of my first post on BR, here.)   Russell’s attempt to show that mathematics is just glorified logic is called Logicism.  It was a pretty convincing attempt. He published it in Principia Mathematica  (1910-1913) which he wrote with Whitehead.  This post is a summary of it, paraphrased from other sites that explain it for us.   Logicism is in the philosophy of mathematics and consists of one…

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Bertrand Russell Anti-Philosophy

‘Philosophy’ has always been bunk, 13: Bertrand Russell 1: his human wisdoms

Bertrand Russell always struck me as conspicuously lacking in human intelligence, otherwise known as Wisdom.  He showed no awareness of the darkness and depth in men’s souls.  His mind whirred like a clock endlessly doing logico-mathematical puzzles, and applying it to human matters.  He was rationalistic, humanistic and pacifistic, and believed in his own goodness because goodness, you see, is what he intended. He had simple-mindedly rationalistic and often materialistic…

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Philosophy Anti-Philosophy

Philosophers logicking on Identity

(This is a long post which I have been unable to break up.  Take it in stages.)    Philosophers since Plato have worried at what exactly Identity and Personal Identity are. They do this by logicking on the words (or ‘concepts’).  The literal  meaning of ‘identity’ from its Greek origins is ‘sameness’ or ‘state of being the same’.  But this is not enough for philosophers. Identity, or what it is…

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Bernard Williams Philosophy Anti-Philosophy

Bernard Williams 2: Self-hood, Cogito, Freedom of the Will

Self-hood or Personal Identity. (What I have written here is the same as in my post on Identity, here.; and represents my understanding of BW from here.)    BW  logicked his way through the question of whether Self-hood or Personal Identity belongs to one’s body or one’s mind.  It seems he was speculating on what ordinary people’s intuitions on this matter are, rather than offering a theory of his own. …

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Structuralism Linguistics

‘Philosophy’ has always been bunk, 19: Saussure’s Structuralist Linguistics

Reading repeatedly through sites on Saussure, I have been beaten back each time by my disbelief that it could have been taken seriously as Science (or as Philosophy).   It seems to me to have been handing out nothing but the most obvious of truisms.  Saussure, for a start, tells us that things in the world don’t come with the right words for them hanging round their necks! but that different…

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South Africa Apartheid White liberals

South African liberals fled to whiter colonies

Where have so many white liberals of South Africa dribbled away to, in the decades since 1948 when apartheid started?  They’ve gone to colonialist countries that practise liberal democracy to their heart’s content because that’s what Western White people do.  The few natives who were originally there, were further reduced by genocides, by John Wayne and the US cavalry, and by Australian armed police (as I choose to believe).  The…

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Anti-Philosophy Socrates

‘Philosophy’ has always been bunk, 8: Socrates

I was amazed by Socrates the first time I came across him, sitting in the empty market-place before breakfast with people gathered round him, and drawing them out with his quizzing.  He asked questions like: What is Courage? What is Virtue? What is Duty? and then asked his listeners one by one to speak  up with their examples from life of each.  Their examples were often contradictory to the theoretical…

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Chapter 3: Overview, 3 already in attachment3 overview

This chapter is mainly on the revelations by Russell and Wittgenstein that most of the problems making up Philosophy have simply been elementary mistakes in language.  But let me say this first: Philosophy’ has always been considered to be: the love of wisdom, the search for Wisdom, the foundation of Western civilization, of the uniqueness of the Western mind.  But what does it actually do?  Someone said it is just …

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Anti-Philosophy History of Philosophy

Chapter 9: The Birth of Philosophy: deductive logicking, already in attachment Born as deductive

PHILOSOPHERS FASTENED ONTO DEDUCTIVE LOGIC AS THE WAY TO WISDOM These matters are the first I did in my attempt to understand  Philosophy: According to History of Philosophy, the first philosophers started with axioms (which are self-evident postulates that couldn’t be wrong) and then used deductive logic on them (which also couldn’t be wrong) to reach further and further back to the basic Truths of the universe and of life. …

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Chapter 4: Overview, 6 already in attachment6reductionism 

Philosophers do a  reductionism on human life until it isn’t human life anymore.    What  I mean by ‘reductionism’ is that human life is not left as an irreducible whole, as in a novel by Anthony Trollope.  It gets chopped up and mentalized into abstract concepts which are then worked on, logicked on, generalized on.  (That last sentence is the best my inadequately philosophic mind can presently do.) Philosophers themselves…

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