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‘Philosophy’ has always been bunk, 16: Bertrand Russell 4: break statements into logical atoms

(See the first two paragraphs of my first post on BR, here.)  BR thought that many problems of Philosophy could be solved by exposing the hidden elements of meaning that statements are made of.  Philosophy had always created insoluble pseudo-problems for itself by not exposing them. This was his Logical Atomism or Logical Analysis. Russell’s had previously tried to reduce mathematics to logic, which was called Logicism (see here).   Now…

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Anti-Philosophy Plato

Philosophy has always been bunk, 10: Plato’s inconstancy in defining his Forms

Plato is most famous for his Forms but what exactly he meant by them is confusing.  It  took me a lot of reading to get to this amazing fact, that Plato himself differed in what he meant by his Forms! To re-cap the old story:  Plato [or was it Socrates? — it is the ‘Socratic Problem’ that we are never sure which, see here] was bothered by the status of words…

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